Recent developments and applications of multidimensional Fluorescence spectroscopy

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© 1989 SPIE. All rights reserved. Fluorescence spectroscopy is an inherently selective technique; however, single wavelength measurements can be limited for the analysis of complicated multicanponent samples or even a simple mixture with overlapping emission spectra, To overcome this limitation, multidimensional fluorescence measurements can be used to obtain additional information about the sample. The multidimensional fluorescence measurement involves the use of multiple parameters to increase the specificity of the measurement. In this laboratory, we are especially interested in multiparametric measurements such as the Excitation-Emission Spectrum. In this paper a fiber optic based multidimensional fluorometer is examined along with a portable multichannel fluorcmeter in terms of sensitivity. In addition, specific applications incorporating the excitation-emission matrix are presented.

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Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering

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