Separation of Achiral and Chiral Analytes Using Polymeric Surfactants with Ionic Liquids as Modifiers in Micellar Electrokinetic Chromatography

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In this study, we report the use of ionic liquids as modifiers in the separation of achiral and chiral analytes in micellar electrokinetic chromatography. In this investigation, polymeric surfactants and ionic liquids were added to a low-conducting buffer solution. The polymeric surfactants used in this study were poly(sodium N-undecylelinic sulfate) and poly(sodium oleyl-L-leucylvalinate). The ionic liquids used in this study were chosen because of their high conductivity, hydrophobicity, and good solvating properties. Thus, it was expected that these ionic liquids would have the ability to assist in the separation of hydrophobic mixtures while maintaining adequate background current. Three analyte mixtures were separated using various buffer combinations of polymeric surfactant and ionic liquids. The ionic liquids were shown to improve the resolution and peak efficiency of the analytes while maintaining adequate background current.

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Analytical Chemistry

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