Optimization of 12 chiral analytes with 8 polymeric surfactants

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This manuscript discusses the results of studies that were performed to determine optimum capillary electrophoresis (CE) conditions for the enantiomeric resolution of twelve chiral analytes with eight amino acid based polymeric surfactants. The parameters that were optimized include pH, buffer type, and concentration of surfactant. The results indicated that the optimum conditions for enantiomeric separations with the amino acid based polymeric surfactants examined in this study using CE were analyte dependent, not surfactant dependent. In other words, the optimum conditions for a particular analyte were the same for all the amino acid based polymeric surfactants examined in this study. The results of these studies indicate that when using a large group of related amino acid based polymeric surfactants only a few surfactants need to be optimized for each analyte under study. These studies were limited to anionic surfactants that contain the amino acids glycine, L-alanine, L-valine, and L-leucine only. No inference can be necessarily drawn about surfactants containing other types of amino acids such as threonine and serine, which contain extra heteroatoms, or phenylalanine that has an aromatic moiety.

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Journal of Chromatographic Science

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