Singlet oxygen generation of subphthalocyanine-fused dimer and trimer

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© 2020 World Scientific Publishing Company. Subphthalocyanine (SubPc) macrocycles are known as an interesting class of nonplanar aromatic dyes. Despite documented high fluorescence and singlet oxygen quantum yields, the properties of SubPcs in photodynamic therapy (PDT) are underestimated, because their absorption bands do not reach a significant wavelength range. With this in mind, we combined a SubPc ring and a SubPc ring by introducing a common benzene ring and obtained a SubPc dimer (2) and trimer (3) with the Q-band at the near-IR region, owing to the expansion of the π electron conjugated system. In this study, we reported 1O2 generation abilities of 2 and 3based on the applied absolute singlet oxygen quantum yields (φδabsolute). Subsequent research revealed that 2 and 3 showed the potential to generate 1O2 to not only in toluene but also in DMSO. Although the photocytotoxicity of 2 and 3 were investigated upon photo-irradiation with a low light dose of approximately 1.5 J/cm2, 2 and 3 showed almost negligible toxic properties toward HEp2 cells.

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Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines

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