The n.m.r. spectra of porphyrins. 13—A ring current model for the porphyrin and chlorin (7,8‐dihydroporphyrin) rings

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The equivalent dipole model of the ring current shift in benzene is shown to be equivalent to that of the well‐known two current loop calculation. A network model of the ring current effect in the porphyrin system is described, using the double–dipole approximation, to give a calculation of the ring current shifts in the porphyrin system; this agrees with the observed shifts of protons both in the ring‐plane and above it. A simple modification of the model enables treatment of ring current shifts in the chlorin ring. These models may be used to provide, very simply, good estimates of the ring current shifts of the porphyrin and chlorin rings at points above and outside the current loops; the agreement is sufficiently good to allow assignments of peripheral substituents to be made, and to provide information on their orientation. The model is consistent with a peripheral ring current loop in both the free‐base porphyrins and their metal complexes. The relationship of these results to calculations in polycyclic aromatics and to protonation shifts in porphyrins is discussed. Copyright © 1977 Heyden & Son Ltd.

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Organic Magnetic Resonance

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