The NMR spectra of porphyrins-19. 13C and proton NMR spectra of metal-free porphyrins with the Type-IX substituent orientation, and of their zinc(II) complexes

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The 13C and proton NMR spectra of six porphyrins bearing the substituent orientation characteristic of the natural "Type-IX" arrangement are reported and assigned. Significant concentration effects in the spectra of the free base porphyrins, together with the broadening of the Cα (and occasionally Cβ) carbon resonances due to NH tautomerism caused a significant loss of data in these spectra. However, the spectra of the corresponding zinc(II) porphyrins (with addition of excess pyrrolidine) show that both these extraneous effects are completely removed to give well-resolved spectra with accurately reproducible chemical shifts. These spectra are assigned and an analysis of the chemical shifts allows the deduction of substituent chemical shift (SCS) parameters for the peripheral substituents at the beta and meso carbons. There is no global effect of these beta substituents, the beta carbon SCS being confined to the immediate pyrrole ring, and the meso carbon SCS to the two adjacent pyrrole rings. The SCS parameters are analyzed and it is shown how they can be used to predict the peripheral and meso carbon chemical shifts of any porphyrin bearing the substituents discussed. © 1982.

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