Miscible fluids in microgravity (MFMG) AIAA-2004-962

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We used a model consisting of the heat and diffusion equations with convective terms and of the Navier-Stokes equations with an additional volume force written in the form of the Korteweg stresses arising from nonlocal interaction in the fluid. It is proportional to the square of the composition gradient with the proportionality coefficient depending on temperature. We performed simulations of drops and streams of miscible fluids and showed that it is possible for transient phenomena to occur that are similar to that observed with immiscible fluids. Specificially, we show that an aspherical drop can spontaneously become spherical and that a stream of a fluid can exhibit a Rayleigh instability. We also simulated a miscible drop migrating in a temperature gradient. The MFMG experiment is planned for January 2004 on the ISS using water and honey as the miscible fluids.

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