Zeeman-effect studies of the electronic absorption spectrum of octachlorodirhenate(2-) (Re(Strictly equivalent to)Re) in pulsed 50-Tesla magnetic fields

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Electronic absorption spectra have been measured for crystals of (Bu4N)2[Re2Cl8] at 3.8 K in pulsed magnetic fields (pulse duration ca. 10 ms; field strength to 50 T). Spectra were measured in the 530-600 nm ('Band I') and 435-500 nm ('Band II') regions, where well resolved vibrational fine structure had been noted in previous spectroscopic studies. Application of magnetic fields up to 50 T caused no measurable splittings or shifts in these two absorption bands. This indicates that both bands are attributable to spin-allowed electronic transitions, since spin-forbidden transitions would be expected to show Zeeman splitting. Possible assignments for Bands I and II include transitions to two 1Eg excited states [1(π,δ*) and 1(δ,π*)], as previously suggested by Bursten et al. (B.E. Bursten, F.A. Cotton, P.E. Fanwick and G.G. Stanley, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 105 (1983) 3082), and to two formally doubly excited states, 1A1g [1(δδ,δ*δ*)] and 1Eu [1(πδ,δ*δ*)].

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Inorganica Chimica Acta

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