Nandus prolixus, a new species of leaf fish from northeastern Borneo (Teleostei: Perciformes: Nandidae)

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Nandus prolixus sp. nov. is described from the Sepilok River drainage in Sabah, northeastern Borneo. This species is distinguished from its only Sundaic southeastern Asian congener, N. nebulosus, in having a longer, more produced snout (25.7-30.6% HL vs. 18.5-26.1), more lateralline scales (33-37 vs. 24-34), more scales below the lateral line (12 vs. 10-11), fewer spines in the dorsal fin (XIV vs. XV-XVI), and fewer pectoral-fin rays (15-16 vs. 17-19). It differs from N. nandus (from India) in having fewer lateral-line scales (33-37 vs. 42-55), fewer scales above the lateral line (4-5 vs. 6-7), fewer scales below the lateral line (12 vs. 14-18), more dorsal spines (XIV vs. XII-XIII), and the absence (vs. presence) of a distinct dark spot at the base of the caudal peduncle. It differs from N. oxyrhynchus (from mainland southeastern Asia) in having a more slender body (body depth 37.6-40.5% SL vs. 41.3-44.1) and a less steeply sloping predorsal profile. Copyright © 2006 Magnolia Press.

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