Phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Nuchequula Whitley 1932 (Teleostei: Leiognathidae), with the description of a new species

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Nuchequula Whitley 1932, previously considered a subgenus of Leiognathus Lacepède 1802, is elevated to generic rank. Nuchequula is diagnosed by the presence of a distinct saddle-shaped nuchal marking and by the presence of a pigment-free, mitten-shaped region posteroventral to the pectoral-fin base. The genus comprises five species, N. blochii, N. pan, N. nuchalis, N decora, and a new species described herein. Nuchequula mannusella, new species, is distinguished from its congeners by a unique pigmentation pattern on the dorsal fin and morphology of the lower jaw. Redescriptions are provided for the other species. A phylogenetic analysis based on morphological characters, including features of the light-organ system., indicates that Nuchequula is monophyletic. Copyright ©American Museum of Natural History 2007.

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American Museum Novitates

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