Taxonomic review of the ponyfishes (Perciformes: Leiognathidae) of Taiwan

Prosanta Chakrabarty, Louisiana State University
John S. Sparks, American Museum of Natural History
Hsuan Ching Ho, National Taiwan Ocean University


In terms of sheer abundance, taxonomic diversity, and species richness, Taiwan has one of the richest concentrations of ponyfishes in the world. The ponyfishes of Taiwan are reviewed here with 13 species representing 8 of the 9 genera currently recognized. Equulites laterofenestra (Sparks and Chakrabarty, 2007) is newly recorded and its distribution is now extended to northeastern Taiwan. Several serially misidentified species and dubious taxa, that have long plagued the taxonomy of this family, are correctly assigned herein. © Senckenberg, Gesellschaft für Naturforschung and Springer 2010.