The CSBG - LSU Gateway: Web based hosted gateway for computational system biology application tools from Louisiana state university

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© 2018 Copyright held by the owner/author(s). Science gateways are identified as an effective way to publish and distribute software for research communities without the burden of learning HPC (High Performance Computer) systems. In the past, researchers were expected to have in-depth knowledge about using HPC systems for computations along with their respective science field in order to do effective research. Science gateways eliminate the need to learn HPC systems and allows the research communities to focus more on their science and let the gateway handle communicating with HPCs. In this poster we are presenting the science gateway project of CSBG (Computational System Biology Group - www.brylinski.org) of Department of Biological Sciences with Center for Computation & Technology at LSU (Louisiana State University). The gateway project was initiated in order to provide CSBG software tools as a service through a science gateway.

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