Cloning and expression analysis of two beta-1,3-glucanase genes from strawberry

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We isolated from strawberry (Fragariae x ananassa Duch) a genomic clone of a beta-1,3-glucanase gene, designated as FaBG2-2. In addition, a related cDNA clone, designated as FaBG2-3, was also isolated. FaBG2-2 and FaBG2-3 are similar in their coding regions, except that FaBG2-2 does not appear to contain a signal peptide coding sequence. The 5' and 3' flanking regions of FaBG2-2 and FaBG2-3 are differentt. Using real-time PCR, the expression patterns of FaBG2-3 and a previously isolated beta-1,3-glucanase gene, FaBG2-1, in strawberry plants infected with Colletotrichum fragariae or Colletotrichum acutatum were analyzed at different time points post-infection. The results showed that expressions of both genes in the leaves of infected plants were induced by the two fungi, but the level of induction was several fold greater with C. fragariae. Comparison of the expression levels of the two genes revealed that the level of FaBG2-3 expression was several hundred to over a thousand fold higher than that of FaBG2-1. Furthermore, the expression levels of the two genes in the leaf, fruit, crown and root of uninfected strawberry plants were analyzed.

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Journal of plant physiology

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