Yeasts isolated from plant-associated beetles and other insects: seven novel Candida species near Candida albicans

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Yeasts related to Candida albicans were isolated from the digestive tracts of beetles in eight families and various orders of insects such as earwigs, crickets, and roaches, most of which were caught at light traps or in a few cases directly from plant materials. Based on comparisons of DNA sequences and other taxonomic characteristics, a total of 41 isolates were identified as Candida orthopsilosis, Candida pseudorhagii, Candida maltosa, Candida parapsilosis, Candida tropicalis, Candida neerlandica, Lodderomyces elongisporus, and seven new Candida species. The new species and type strains are designated as Candida gigantensis NRRL Y-27736T, Candida bohiensis NRRL Y-27737T, Candida alai NRRL Y-27739T, Candida buenavistaensis NRRL Y-27734T, Candida frijolesensis NRRL Y-48060T, Candida labiduridarum NRRL Y-27940T, and Candida tetrigidarum NRRL Y-48142T. A phylogeny based on SSU and LSU rRNA gene sequences indicated that most of the new species were closely related to members of the C. albicans/L. elongisporus clade, such as C. albicans, Candida dulbliniensis, C. neerlandica, Candida chauliodes, and Candida corydali. Candida alai was placed near this clade, but no closely related sister taxon was identified. The ecology of the insect-associated yeasts is discussed and compared with the results from other studies.

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FEMS yeast research

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