Description of four novel psychrophilic, ionizing radiation-sensitive Deinococcus species from alpine environments

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Five psychrophilic bacterial strains were isolated from soil samples collected above the treeline of alpine environments. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences indicated that these organisms represent four novel species of the genus Deinococcus; levels of sequence similarity to the type strains of recognized Deinococcus species were in the range 89.3-94.7 %. Strains PO-04-20-132T, PO-04-20-144, PO-04-19-125T, ME-04-01-32T and ME-04-04-52T grew aerobically, with optimum growth at 10 degrees C and at pH 6-9. The major respiratory menaquinone was MK-8. The fatty acid profiles of strains PO-04-20-132T, PO-04-20-144, PO-04-19-125T and ME-04-01-32T were dominated by 16 : 1omega7c, 17 : 0 iso and 15 : 1omega6c, whereas 16 : 1omega7c, 17 : 0 cyclo and 16 : 0 predominated in strain ME-04-04-52T. The DNA G+C contents of strains PO-04-20-132T, PO-04-19-125T, ME-04-01-32T and ME-04-04-52T were 63.2, 63.1, 65.9 and 62.6 mol%, respectively. Strains PO-04-20-132T, PO-04-19-125T, ME-04-01-32T and ME-04-04-52T had gamma radiation D10 (dose required to reduce the bacterial population by 10-fold) values of < or =4 kGy. These four strains showed sensitivity to UV radiation and extended desiccation as compared with Deinococcus radiodurans. On the basis of the phylogenetic analyses, and chemotaxonomic and phenotypic data, it is proposed that strains PO-04-20-132T (=LMG 24019T=NRRL B-41950T; Deinococcus radiomollis sp. nov.), PO-04-19-125T (=LMG 24282T=NRRL B-41949T; Deinococcus claudionis sp. nov.), ME-04-01-32T (=LMG 24022T=NRRL B-41947T; Deinococcus altitudinis sp. nov.) and ME-04-04-52T (=LMG 24283T=NRRL B-41948T; Deinococcus alpinitundrae sp. nov.) represent the type strains of four novel species of the genus Deinococcus.

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International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology

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