Characterization of the cysteinyl-containing peptides of the gamma subunit of coupling factor 1.

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The cysteinyl peptides of the gamma subunit of chloroplast coupling factor 1 (CF1) have been analyzed by high performance liquid chromatography. Analysis of the reduced enzyme alkylated with 4-vinylpyridine showed that the gamma subunit contains four cysteinyl residues. Two of these residues are involved in a disulfide linkage in CF1 either in solution or bound to washed thylakoid membranes. Two free sulfhydryls, one that is readily attacked by alkylating reagents and another that is less reactive, were also detected. Each of these four cysteinyl residues is present in a separate tryptic peptide derived from the gamma subunit. These results show that 4-vinylpyridine is an excellent reagent for the analysis of cysteinyl-containing peptides and support our analyses of the roles of cysteinyl residues in the gamma subunit in ATP synthesis and hydrolysis.

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Journal of Biological Chemistry

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