Crystallographic refinement of human serum retinol binding protein at 2Å resolution

Sandra W. Cowan, Biomedicum Centre
Marcia E. Newcomer, Vanderbilt University
T. Alwyn Jones, Biomedicum Centre


Human serum retinol binding protein (RBP) in complex with retinol has been crystallographically refined to an R‐factor of 18.1% with 2Å resolution data. The protein topology results in an anti‐parallel β‐barrel that encapsulates the retinol ligand. A detailed description of the protein and the binding site is provided. Our structural work has helped to define a family of proteins, many of which are carrier proteins for smaller ligand molecules. We describe the structural basis for the conservation of sequence within the family. Copyright © 1990 Wiley‐Liss, Inc.