Glycosphingolipids covalently linked to agarose gel or glass beads. Use of the compounds for purification of antibodies directed against globoside and hematoside

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Oxidative ozonolysis of the olefinic bond of the sphingosine moiety of either globoside or of the methyl ester of hematoside, and coupling of the carboxyl bearing product to aminoethylagarose or to amino group bearing glass beads in the presence of a carbodiimide resulted in globoside or hematoside covalently linked to agarose or glass beads. These compounds were used for purification of anti glycosphingolipid antibodies from serum of immunized rabbits. The antibodies bound to the substrate were released by 1 M sodium iodide and their immunological properties were studied. Anti globoside is directed toward the terminal β (N acetyl) galactosaminosyl(1→3)α galactopyranosyl structure, while anti hematoside is directed predominantly toward the sialosyl residue of hematoside.

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Journal of Biological Chemistry

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