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The transcription factor Yin Yang (YY) 1 is one of the most evolutionarily well-conserved DNA binding proteins that is ubiquitously expressed among different tissue types. YY1 functions as a critical regulator for a diverse set of genes, making its role in the cancerous environment elusive. Recent studies have demonstrated that clusters of YY1 binding sites are overrepresented in imprinted gene loci. These clustered binding sites may function as a molecular rheostat with respect to YY1 protein levels. YY1 levels were documented to be altered in various tumor tissues in conjunction with the transcriptional levels of the imprinted genes it regulates. This review highlights the unexplored mechanism through which fluctuations in YY1 protein levels alter the transcriptional status of imprinted genes containing clustered YY1 binding sites, which potentially could affect cancer development and/or progression. © 2011 by Begell House, Inc.

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Critical Reviews in Oncogenesis

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