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A method to detect binary interactions among SNAREs, membrane proteins mediating vesicle fusion, in Arabidopsis cells was established. In this method, a pair of recombinant SNAREs is first expressed within Arabidopsis protoplasts at levels similar to their endogenous proteins in 96-well plates. Changes of the interaction are then detected by luminescence. Here, we report that the interaction of SYP122 and VAMP721, a SNARE pair mediating exocytosis, is enhanced when Arabidopsis protoplasts are incubated in the dark. Microscopic observation of plants expressing GFPSYP122 by the syp122 promoter suggests SYP122 is expressed in the root tip when the seedlings are grown in the dark but not in the light. In the identical darkgrown condition, the subcellular localization of SYP111/KNOLLE, specifically expressed in dividing cells, is altered. Together with our previous report, we hypothesize that expression, localization and interaction of SNAREs are selectively altered by light conditions to regulate cargo transports in Arabidopsis. © 2010 Landes Bioscience.

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Plant Signaling and Behavior