Human identification using ALUS analyzed via an integrated microfluidic system with multicolor fluorescence and microchip free solution conjugate electrophoresis

S. K. Njoroge, Louisiana State University
M. A. Witek, Louisiana State University
M. L. Hupert, Louisiana State University
J. Coyne, Stanford University
A. Barron, Stanford University
M. A. Batzer, Louisiana State University
S. A. Soper, Louisiana State University


The work presented here describes an integrated modular system for rapid DNA typing. The system possesses a polymer-based fluidic module for sample preprocessing, microchip electrophoresis (μCE) module and detection using a multicolor fluorescence reader with an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF). We will demonstrate the utility of the modular system for human gender determination via amplifying an inserted Alu sequence in the X and Y chromosomes of human DNA. © 2008 CBMS.