Deletion analysis of the lambda tR1 termination region: Effect of sequences near the transcript release sites, and the minimum length of Rho-dependent transcripts

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In order to determine how much of the natural sequence is required for function of the λtR1 rho-dependent terminator, and to determine the minimum length required, we made two deletion series of a tR1 derivative that contains mostly foreign DNA, encoding C-rich RNA, substituted for the natural upstream sequences of tR1. We find the minimum transcript length to be 85 to 90 nucleotides, although an additional 10 to 25 nucleotides provide more efficient termination. Sequences as close as ten nucleotides to the release sites could be replaced without destroying termination, although termination efficiency was reducedby substitution of these proximal regions with DNA encoding the cytidine-rich RNA that is active at upstream sites. These results suggest that sequences proximal and distal to release sites have different functions and optimal structures for rho activation. We alsoshow that two potential stem-loop structures in the tR1 region are not essential for terminator function, or for pausing at the release region. The results areconsistent with the model that any pause site downstream of DNA encoding unstructured C-rich RNA is a potential rho-dependent terminator. © 1994 Academic Press, Inc.

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Journal of Molecular Biology

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