Parents’ management of children’s peer relations: Facilitating and supervising children’s activities in the peer culture

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© 1992 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. All rights reserved. The search for linkages between the family and peer systems has been complicated not only by the fact that many aspects of parent-child relations may be related to children’s peer relations, but also by the fact that events within either system can be viewed as causal (i.e., cause-effect relations may be bidirectional). In light of these complexities, it is essential for researchers to develop conceptual frameworks that can be used to identify and test propositions about the operation and outcomes of key family-peer processes. Although past research has been driven largely by empirical speculation, Parke and colleagues (1988) have recently proposed a framework that may help to identify key linkages between the family and peer systems. @copy; 1992 Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc.

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Family-Peer Relationships: Modes of Linkage

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