Machine-learning-assisted spontaneous Raman spectroscopy classification and feature extraction for the diagnosis of human laryngeal cancer

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Germplasm repositories can benefit sustainable aquaculture by supporting genetic improvement, assisted reproduction, and management of valuable genetic resources. Lack of reliable quality management tools has impeded repository development in the past several decades. Microfabricated open-hardware devices have emerged as a new approach to assist repository development by providing standardized quality assessment capabilities to enable routine quality control. However, prototyping of microfabricated devices (microdevices) traditionally relies on photolithography techniques that are costly, time intensive, and accessible only through specialized engineering laboratories. Although resin 3-D printing has been introduced into the microfabrication domain, existing publications focus on customized or high-cost (>thousands of USD) printers. The goal of this report was to identify and call attention to the emerging opportunities to support innovation in microfabrication by use of low-cost (

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