Producer perceptions of important challenges currently facing the United States meat-goat industry

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© 2013 American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists. There is an apparent increase in demand for goat meat in the United States, perhaps because of recent immigrants and population growth. This is driving an increase in meat-goat production. This paper addresses the importance of 11 challenges faced by United States meat-goat producers, with results having implications for research, extension, and teaching efforts by universities, governmental agencies, and industry. A survey of meat-goat producers was conducted. Differences in opinion as to the importance of challenges by industry segment were analyzed using ordered probit models. The 4 items selected by producers as the most important challenges facing producers were high cost of goat production, lack of a clear marketing system for goats, lack of a goat meat processor close by, and internal parasites. Others of note were the lack of a grading system for goats, pasture management problems, diseases, and insufficient government support for the industry.

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Professional Animal Scientist

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