Nanotechnology Considerations for Poultry and Livestock Production Systems - A Review

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© 2018 by Mohamed I. El Sabry. The global animal productivity should proportionally increase to meet the food needs of a growing population. This article presents an overview of the current and promising nano-applications in poultry and livestock production systems that could offer opportunities for improved efficiencies and productivity. Some basic information on nanotechnology and the economics of nanotechnology is provided. Poultry and animal production systems, current situation and available tools and techniques are presented in parallel with animal health care, animal nutrition, animal shetter and food processing nano-applications and their advantages. These applications are directly or indirectly related to the human food chain and may affect the food safety and food quality. Lastly, the expected risks and hazards related to nano-application in poultry and livestock production systems that can affect animal, human and environment are described. It is concluded that nanoapplications have the potential to provide smarter solutions for various applications in the poultry and livestock production systems, which can help in reducing costs and enhancing the final product quality. However, concerns over safety of some nano-applications hamper their immediate implementation. Extensive risk assessments should be conducted to ensure the safety of the nanoproducts before making them available for animal or human use.

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Annals of Animal Science

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