In vitro effects of growth factors and hormones on three Perkinsus species and increased proliferation of P. marinus during cloning

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Clonal cultures are essential for the genotypic and phenotypic characterization of Perkinsus species but their cloning, especially of P. marinus, can be tedious. The use of a growth factor and hormone supplement to facilitate cloning was, therefore, investigated. Many of the 16 supplements tested significantly increased P. marinus and P. olseni proliferation but only two significantly increased P. chesapeaki proliferation. The concentration of the most effective supplement for all three Perkinsus species (i.e., endothelial cell growth supplement, ECGS) and medium dilution were then optimized for P. marinus cultured at low densities. Finally, the advantage of using conditioned culture medium, a feeder layer, and ECGS alone and in different combinations to improve cloning of P. marinus were compared. Using conditioned culture medium, a feeder layer and ECGS in combination, each cell (N = 7) seeded singly yielded clonal cultures with 253 ± 167 cells after 21 days. In contrast, only 4 out of 7 cells seeded singly in culture medium yielded clonal cultures with 5 ± 4 cells after 21 days. © 2008 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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Experimental Parasitology

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