Problems and possibilities into the next decade involving beef cattle breeding research in the southern region: experiment station herds.

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Opinions on expected support of animal breeding and genetics research into the next decade were requested from heads of Departments of Animal Science and directors of agricultural experiment stations in the Southern Region and from directors of agricultural experiment stations outside the Southern Region. A majority of administrators in all three groups expect a reduction in assignment of state appropriated funds for beef cattle breeding research compared with total support available. Cattle numbers and land areas assigned to breeding and genetics research may be more limited in the future. Directors of agricultural experiment stations expect animal breeding scientists to work more closely with scientists in biotechnology and to become more involved in multidisciplinary research to reduce the costs associated with maintaining large herds of cattle. Departments of Animal Science do not expect to reduce significantly the number of animal breeding positions, but they may reassign some that come open to balance departmental opportunities. Animal breeding scientists will be needed to educate graduate students, teach classes, and handle research responsibilities as in the past.

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Journal of animal science

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