The cytotoxic t lymphocyte response of cattle to challenge with a virulent strain of brucklla abortus

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Brucellosis is an important disease of man and animals but little is known about the bovine cellular immune response to Bntcella abortus. Studies in mice and goats suggest that the CDS' T lymphocytes play an important role in protection, however, it is not known if An/ce//a-specific cytotoxic activity by these CDS T lymphocytes is important In this study, we examine the cytotoxic T lymphocyte (CTL) response in infected cattle Pregnant heifers were challenged conjuctivally with the 107 CPU of virulent strain (2308) B. abortus These animals were used to develop an assay to detect the presence of Brace//a-specific CTL Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) were collected and the plastic-adherent population isolated and exposed to opsonized strain 2308 at a ratio of 10 CPU/ cell. The adherent cells were washed and treated with gentamicin to kill external bacteria. Nonadherent cells were returned to the flasks and the cells cultured for 7 days The in vitro stimulated T cells were tested for CTL activity against B. abortus infected and non-infected adherent-PBMC target cells in a !1Cr release assay We were able to demonstrate a low level CTL activity (10-12% specific lysis) by 9 days post-infection. This activity was not present in pre-infection cells from the same animals Additionally, the activity appeared to be MHCrestricted. This is the first report of Ärace//a-speciftc CTL activity in cattle.

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FASEB Journal

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