Laser pressure catapulting followed by B actin gene identification in Japanese quail macrochromosomes and microchromosomes using teflon-coated coverslip slides

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Laser microdissection of individual mammalian chromosomes (> 2 μm) has been achieved though the use of a microscope slide coated with a polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) membrane. Although these slides have proved sufficient for larger chromosomes, they are insufficient for small chromosomes (< 1 μm). We have developed a new type of slide which allows laser microdissection of single Japanese quail microchromosomes (0.5 μm) and macrochromosomes (3-4 μm). To test the usefulness of these slides, a Japanese quail single nucleus, a macrochromosome, and a microchromosome were collected with Laser pressure catapulting, the B-actin gene was PCR amplified, and sequenced. The resulting PCR product was confirmed by nucleotide sequencing to be B-actin. These newly developed slides were shown to facilitate the laser microdissection of both Japanese quail macrochromosomes and microchromosomes. © 2005 The Royal Microscopical Society.

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Journal of Microscopy

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