Transcription profiles of oocytes during maturation and embryos during preimplantation development in vivo in the goat

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© 2020 CSIRO. RNA sequencing performed on goat matured oocytes and preimplantation embryos generated in vivo enabled us to define the transcriptome for goat preimplantation embryo development. The largest proportion of changes in gene expression in goat was found at the 16-cell stage, not as previously defined at the 8-cell stage, and is later than in other mammalian species. In all, 6482 genes were identified to be significantly differentially expressed across all consecutive developmental stage comparisons, and the important signalling pathways involved in each development transition were determined. In addition, we identified genes that appear to be transcribed only at a specific stage of development. Using weighted gene coexpression network analysis, we found nine stage-specific modules of coexpressed genes that represent the corresponding stage of development. Furthermore, we identified conserved key members (or hub genes) of the goat transcriptional networks. Their association with other embryo genes suggests that they may have important regulatory roles in embryo development. Our cross-mammalian species transcriptomic comparisons demonstrate both conserved and goat-specific features of preimplantation development.

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Reproduction, Fertility and Development

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