Maximizing the use of supplemental amino acids in corn-soybean meal diets for 20- to 45-kilogram pigs

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Four experiments were conducted to determine the Lys requirement, the maximum amount of supplemental Lys that does not decrease growth performance, and to determine the order of limiting AA beyond Lys, Thr, Trp, and Met in a corn-soybean meal diet for 20- to 45-kg pigs. All experiments were conducted for 27 to 28 d with purebred or crossbred barrows and gilts, which were blocked by initial BW. Treatments were replicated with 4 to 6 pens of 4 to 6 pigs per pen. In all experiments, pigs and feeders were weighed on d 0, 14, and 27 or 28. At the beginning and end of all experiments, blood samples were obtained from all pigs to determine plasma urea N (PUN) concentrations. In Exp. 1, 0.830, 0.872, 0.913, and 0.955% standardized ileal digestible (SID) Lys was fed, whereas 0.747, 0.788, 0.830, 0.872, and 0.913% SID Lys was fed in Exp. 2. Broken-line analysis requirement estimates could not be estimated from any response variable in Exp. 1, but in Exp. 2, using ADG and PUN, the estimated SID Lys requirement was 0.83%. In Exp. 3, 0, 0.118, 0.191, 0.264, and 0.335% supplemental Lys was added to achieve 0.83% SID Lys in all diets, and Thr, Trp, and Met were supplemented to maintain Thr:Lys, Trp:Lys, and TSAA:Lys of 0.65, 0.18, and 0.60, respectively. Based on ADG, ADFI, and G:F, up to 0.23% supplemental Lys can be added along with supplemental Thr, Trp, and Met without negatively affecting growth performance; PUN was linearly decreased (P < 0.001) by supplemental Lys. In Exp. 4, treatments were 1) positive control (PC) without supplemental AA, 2) negative control (NC) with 0.335% supplemental Lys + 0.140% l-Thr + 0.035% l-Trp + 0.117% dl-Met, 3) NC + 0.044% l-Val, 4) NC + 0.021% l-Ile, and 5) NC + 0.044% l-Val + 0.021% l-Ile. Individual addition of Val and Ile did not improve (P > 0.10) ADG or G:F compared with the NC. The combined addition of Val + Ile resulted in ADG that was intermediate between the PC and NC diets but not different from either diet (P > 0.10); G:F was not improved (P > 0.10) to that observed in pigs fed the PC diet. The PUN was not different (P > 0.10) among pigs fed diets with supplemental AA but less (P < 0.10) than pigs fed the PC. The results of this research indicate that the Lys requirement for 20- to 45-kg pigs is 0.83% SID Lys, up to 0.23% supplemental Lys (0.29% l-Lys HCl or 0.45% l-Lys SO 4) can be added along with supplemental Thr, Trp, and Met without negatively affecting growth performance, and another AA besides Val and Ile may be limiting growth performance in a corn-soybean meal diet with 0.335% supplemental Lys. © 2011 American Society of Animal Science. All rights reserved.

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Journal of Animal Science

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