Phagocytosis by catfish neutrophils

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Channel catfish peripheral blood leucocytes were separated on a Percoll gradient to establish the phagocytic function of the neutrophils. Four fractions of leucocytes were formed on the Percoll gradient, including a fraction that contained 50–80% neutrophils at a density of 1.08–1.09 g ml−1 and a fraction that contained 10% monocytes at a density of 1.071–1.074 g ml−1. Phagocytic assays, using 3H‐uridine, showed that the two fractions had similar phagocytic indices, although neutrophils were less phagocytic than monocytes. Neutrophils were confirmed to be phagocytic when examined with transmission electron microscopy. Staining with 3,3‐diaminobenzidine‐tetrahydrochloride demonstrated peroxidase‐positive granules in the cytoplasm of actively phagocytic cells as well as peroxidase reaction products in a number of phagosomes containing bacteria. Phagocytosis of bacteria by channel catfish neutrophils was further confirmed by differential staining of external bacteria and cell surfaces with ruthenium red during the fixation process. Copyright © 1987, Wiley Blackwell. All rights reserved

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Journal of Fish Biology

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