Threonine and tryptophan ratios fed to nursery pigs

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The optimal ratio of tryptophan (Trp):lysine (Lys) relative to the ratio of threonine (Thr):Lys was studied in 288 crossbred (Cambrough 15 x Canabrid) nursery pigs from 7.1 to 15.6 kg BW. Treatments were arranged in a 3 x 3 factorial with three calculated ratios of true digestible Thr:Lys (0.55, 0.60, or 0.65) in combination with three Trp:Lys ratios (0.145, 0.170, or 0.195). Treatments were replicated with eight pens of four pigs each. The experiment lasted 28 day with Phase II (222.6 g CP and 11.9 g true digestible Lys/kg diet, initially 24 day of age and 7.1 kg BW) and Phase III (196.2 g CP and 10.1 kg true digestible Lys/kg diet, initially 38 day of age and 9.8 kg BW) diets each fed for 14 day. Threonine by Trp interactions were observed for average daily gain during each period, and for daily feed intake during Phase III and overall. Generally, Trp addition linearly increased gain and feed intake at a Thr:Lys ratio of 0.60 and 0.65 but not at a Thr:Lys ratio of 0.55. Gain:feed was increased linearly with increasing levels of Trp during both periods. There were no main effects of Thr in either time period or overall. Overall, optimal performance was obtained in pigs fed the true digestible Trp:Lys ratio of 0.195 at Thr:Lys ratios 0.60 or 0.65. These results indicate that Trp:Lys ratios above 0.195 may be needed to maximize performance in diets containing wheat and barley. © 2005 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

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Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition

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