Submissions from 2005

Real wages, real interest rates, and the Phillips curve, Paul F. Gentle, Krishna P. Paudel, and Kamal P. Upadhyaya

The effect of socioeconomic factors on the adoption of best management practices in beef cattle production, S. Kim, J. M. Gillespie, and K. P. Paudel

Development of an optimal water allocation decision tool for the major crops during the water deficit period in the southeast United States, Krishna P. Paudel, Ashutosh S. Limaye, L. Upton Hatch, James F. Cruise, and Fuad Musleh

Country report: Broiler industry and broiler litter-related problems in the southeastern United States, Krishna P. Paudel and Christopher S. McIntosh

Numeraire choice in agricultural supply analysis, Krishna P. Paudel and Christopher S. McIntosh

An empirical test of Environmental Kuznets Curve for water pollution, Krishna P. Paudel, Hector Zapata, and Dwi Susanto

An empirical test of Environmental Kuznets Curve for water pollution, Krishna P. Paudel, Hector Zapata, and Dwi Susanto

Family contributions to self help schooling in Malawi And Kenya, Mark J. Schafer

Submissions from 2004

Developed speculation and underdeveloped markets - The role of futures trading on export prices in less developed countries, Randall Fortenbery and Hector Zapata

Evaluation of broiler litter transportation in northern Alabama, USA, Krishna P. Paudel, Murali Adhikari, and Neil R. Martin

Dairy programs to reduce manure-related environmental problems: The case of the Louisiana milkshed, Krishna P. Paudel, Wayne M. Gauthier, John V. Westra, and Larry M. Hall

Family school enrollment in rural Malawi and Kenya: A regional analysis, Mark J. Schafer

Submissions from 2003

Water resources planning for broiler production: Econometric and time series analysis, Murali Adhikari, Krishna P. Paudel, and Jack E. Houston

Submissions from 2002

Phosphorus-based management of broiler litter as agricultural fertilizer, Krishna P. Paudel, Murali Adhikari, Ashutosh Limaye, and Nell R. Martin

Modeling within-season sugarcane growth for optimal harvest system selection, M. E. Salassi, J. B. Breaux, and C. J. Naquin

Adoption of rice field preparation practices to manage soil sediment in surface water, Michael E. Salassi, Marisa L. Zansler, and G. Grant Giesler

The process-outcome connection in foreign policy decision making: A quantitative study building on groupthink, Mark Schafer and Scott Crichlow

Submissions from 2000

Urbanization and development: The emergence of international nongovernmental organizations amid declining states, York W. Bradshaw and Mark J. Schafer

Further empirical evidence of wheat and barley market integration in the eu, José M. Gil, Ana M. Angulo, and Héctor O. Zapata

Agricultural trade and productivity growth: A state-level analysis, Munisamy Gopinath and P. Lynn Kennedy

Issues in assessing psychological characteristics at a distance: An introduction to the symposium, Mark Schafer

Bill Clinton's operational code: Assessing source material bias, Mark Schafer and Scott Crichlow

The political universe of Lyndon B. Johnson and his advisors: Diagnostic and strategic propensities in their operational codes, Stephen G. Walker and Mark Schafer

Submissions from 1999

Developing agribusiness competitiveness in global markets: A survey of louisiana agribusiness firms, Karol W. Hughes, P. Lynn Kennedy, and Albert Ortego

Cooperative and conflictual policy preferences: The effect of identity, security, and image of the other, Mark Schafer

Explaining groupthink: Do the psychological characteristics of the leader matter?, Mark Schafer

International nongovernmental organizations and third world education in 1990: A cross-national study, Mark J. Schafer


Cointegration and causality in international agricultural economics research, Hector O. Zapata and José M. Gil

Submissions from 1998

Economic integration and international agricultural trade: The case of central and eastern europe, P. Lynn Kennedy and Garrett P. Sonnier

A spreadsheet-based cost model for sugarcane harvesting systems, Michael E. Salassi and Lonnie P. Champagne

Is there method in our madness? Ways of assessing cognition in international relations, Michael D. Young and Mark Schafer

Submissions from 1997


An evaluation of price linkages between futures and cash markets for cheddar cheese, T. Randall Fortenbery and Hector O. Zapata

Perspectives on evaluating competitiveness in agribusiness industries, P. Lynn Kennedy, R. Wes Harrison, Nicholas G. Kalaitzandonakes, H. Christopher Peterson, and Ronald P. Rindfuss

Cooperation in an objective conflict of interest? Testing two psychological approaches, Mark Schafer

Submissions from 1996

A framework for implementing agribusiness internship programs, R. Wes Harrison and P. Lynn Kennedy


Strategic agricultural trade policy interdependence and the exchange rate: A game theoretic analysis, P. Lynn Kennedy

Multilateral agricultural trade negotiations: A non-cooperative and cooperative game approach, P. Lynn Kennedy, Harald Von Witzke, and Terry L. Roe

Altering conflict attitudes through prenegotiation contact, Mark Schafer

Submissions from 1995

Trade, growth, and welfare linkages in North America: An empirical analysis, Munisamy Gopinath, P. Lynn Kennedy, and Terry L. Roe

Submissions from 1993

Observations on production on soft-shell freshwater prawns, macrobrachium rosenbergii, in commercial crawfish shedding facilities, Rex H. Caffey, Charles G. Lutz, Charles W. Avault, and Kerry K. Higgins

Submissions from 1992

Socioeconomic factors associated with at‐home and away‐from home catfish consumption in the United States, Lynn E. Dellenbarger, James Dillard, Alvin R. Schupp, Hector O. Zapata, and Brian T. Young