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© Copyright by the World Aquaculture Society 2018 Although aquatic species cryopreservation protocols have been studied around the world over the past 60 yr., germplasm repository development efforts and commercialization have begun only recently. The goal of this project was to develop a self-contained mobile laboratory for on-site high-throughput cryopreservation of aquatic species. The objectives of this study were to: (1) identify how a mobile laboratory would function in different operational scenarios, (2) customize an enclosed cargo trailer to function as a mobile laboratory, (3) evaluate the laboratory layout and ability of cryopreservation equipment to operate from generator power, and (4) document the investment costs for private and public groups to integrate a mobile laboratory into an existing cryopreservation facility at three levels of automation and estimate the total cost per trip based on hypothetical assumptions for two scenarios (aquaculture production and repository development). There were three operational designs identified for the mobile laboratory: (1) self-contained work inside the unit using generator power, (2) work inside the unit using external facility power, and (3) using the equipment inside of a host facility. The investment costs for a base-level mobile laboratory ranged between US$5670 and US$5787 for private groups and between US$5208 and US$5315 for public groups. With the addition of a range of automated processing equipment, total investment costs ranged from US$13,616 to US$103,529 for private groups and US$12,494 to US$94,891 for public groups. The total cost per trip to cryopreserve sperm of 59 blue catfish, Ictalurus furcatus, males to produce 6300 0.5-mL French straws was estimated to range from US$6089 to US$14,633 for private and between US$5703 and US$16,938 for public groups depending on the level of automation. Total cost per trip to cryopreserve sperm of 500 males of five different species in the genus Xiphophorus to produce 641 0.25-mL French straws was estimated to range from US$6653 to US$7640 for private and US$7582 to US$8088 for public groups depending on level of automation. Overall, a commercial-scale mobile laboratory was developed that can assist current germplasm activities and support future repository and industry development, and the layout information provided can help others to design and build comparable units.

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Journal of the World Aquaculture Society

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