Submissions from 2022


The Real Effects of Internal Audit Function Quality: Evidence From Investment Strategies, Lawrence J. Abbott, Dereck Barr-Pulliam, William L. Buslepp, and Susan Parker

Persuasion in Auditing: A Review Through the Lens of the Communication-Persuasion Matrix, Sanaz Aghazadeh, J. Owen Brown, Laura Guichard, and Kris Hoang

Auditors’ scepticism in response to audit committee oversight behaviour, Sanaz Aghazadeh, Yoon Ju Kang, and Marietta Peytcheva

Firm Use of Cybersecurity Risk Disclosures, Wanying Jiang, Joseph Legoria, Kenneth J. Reichelt, and Stephanie Walton

Submissions from 2021

Using LIWC to Analyze Participants’ Psychological Processing in Accounting JDM Research, Sanaz Aghazadeh, Kris Hoang, and Bradley Pomeroy

Minimum tick size and analyst coverage: Evidence from the Tick Size Pilot Program, Zhenhua Chen, Adrienna Huffman, Gans Narayanamoorthy, and Ruizhong Zhang

The Comprehensive Tax Gain from Leverage, Zhenhua Chen, Deen Kemsley, and Padmakumar Sivadasan

Submissions from 2020

The Effects of Client Status and the Auditor's Presentation of Multiple Estimation Alternatives on Client Financial Reporting Aggressiveness, Sanaz Aghazadeh, Andrew M. Collins, and Chad M. Stefaniak

Submissions from 2019

Multi-method evidence on investors’ reactions to managers’ self-inclusive language, Zhenhua Chen and Serena Loftus

Submissions from 2018

Playing the Corporate Political Contributions Lottery: Evidence from Tax Avoidance, Zhenhua Chen

Political Uncertainty and Firm Investment: Project-Level Evidence from M&A Activity, Zhenhua Chen