The Journal of Latin American Geography builds upon the tradition of the CLAG Yearbook, which published a selection of peer-reviewed papers by distinguished geographers and other scholars from 1985 until 2002. The editorial team works with a multi-disciplinary, international editorial board to promote the publication of original, high quality, and refereed manuscripts that represent the broad spectrum of geographic perspectives on and from Latin America. We are committed to publishing articles in English, Spanish, and Portuguese with the intention of bringing the region's best scholarship to the broadest possible audience.

Current Issue: Volume 16, Issue 1 (2016) Critical Geographies in Latin America



Critical Geographies in Latin America
John C. Finn and Anne-Marie Hanson


Space, Power and Locality: the Contemporary Use of Territorio in Latin American Geography
María F. López Sandoval, Andrea Robertsdotter, and Myriam Paredes


Geografías de sacrificio y geografías de esperanza: tensiones territoriales en el Ecuador plurinacional
Manuela M. M. Silveira, Melissa Moreano, Nadia Romero, Diana Murillo, Gabriela Ruales, and Nataly Torres

JLAG Perspectives


Geografiando para la resistencia
Colectivo Geografía Crítica de Ecuador

Book Reviews

Special issue: Critical Geographies in Latin America

Guest Editors; John C. Finn and Anne-Marie Hanson